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If you're an entrepreneur business owner or High taxed individual, your personal finance is not about handing your money over to the market, or putting it in a retirement plan, and hoping it works out. And it's not about sacrificing the quality of life. It is about getting the most out of what you have!


Live Well, Pay Less Tax



We have a proven planning process that helps business owners and high taxes individuals reduce lifetime income tax 10-15% and increase their networth 12-20%!"

Our Difference

From market shifts to major life milestones, we will meet you where you are - in just the way you choose - and work with you to get where you want to go. That’s advice, your way.


Juggling schedules and trying to get family together in one place or getting financial advice for your wealth management questions shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why we’ll meet you on your terms, be it one-on-one online, in-person, or on a group video call with everyone in your family – unrestricted by regions and time zones.

Personalized Advice

Planning is personal. We provide different levels of service that you can choose from – so you get what’s most effective for you. We will help you find your preferred approach – whether you want to plan for a specific target goal, comprehensive wealth management advice, or anything in between.

Engage Relationships

Engaged Relationships

Communication is integral to how we work with you. We will review, adjust and adapt your plan based on your engagement preferences, and we’ll stay connected with you – through your channels of choice.

Our Team

34 Years of Experience

Certified Financial Planner®

Lance Howard, CLU, CFP®

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Patrick Keyes, EPC

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